As a business management software, TallyPrime makes it easy for a company to manage their accounting, banking, taxation, inventory, and other business needs. TallyPrime is ideal for all businesses, whether a small or mid-sized business or a large enterprise. While understanding how to use tally can increase a company’s efficiency, learning tally shortcut keys can enhance speed and improve productivity at the workplace.

TallyPrime has keyboard shortcuts for almost all its functions, eliminating the need for a mouse. The table below consists of some of the many TallyPrime shortcut keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts – Across TallyPrime

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
ESCUsed to exit screen or revert to the previous screen after closing the current open screen

Removes inputs that are provided or selected for a field
CTRL+ALT+RRepair Company (in case of data retrieval or repairing any company data)N/A
ALT+F4This is the shortcut key to quit from TallyPrime N/A
CTRL+ALT+BTo view the Build Information N/A
CTRL+ATo save or accept a screen N/AN/A
ALT+EnterTo expand or collapse a group in a table N/AN/A
CTRL+EndMoves cursor to the last field or last lineN/A
CTRL+HomeTo move to the first line or first field N/AN/A
CTRL+NTo hide or open calculator panelN/A
ALT+MThis tally shortcut key opens the email menu: sending transactions, reports or current voucher Top Menu
ALT+KOpen Company top menu Top Menu
ALT+YTo open the list of actions that are applicable to maN/Age the data of the company Top Menu
ALT+ZTallyPrime shortcut key to Exchange Company Data. Provides options for data synchronisationTop Menu
ALT+GOpens a report and creates masters and vouchers in the flow of workTop Menu
ALT+OTo open the Import menu: importing masters, transactions, and bank statements Top Menu
ALT+ETo open Export menu: exporting masters, reports, transactions or current voucher Top Menu
ALT+ZZoom-to-zoom-in while on print preview (for vouchers and reports) Top MenuTop Menu
F1To open Help menu Top MenuTop Menu
F11Opens the Company Features screen - Top MenuTop Menu
CTRL+PPrint: To print current report or voucher Top MenuTop Menu
CTRL+GTo switch to a different report, and create vouchers and masters-Top menuTop Menu
CTRL+F1To open TallyHelp (based on the context of the screen that is displayed) Top MenuTop Menu
CTRL+WTo select data entry language applicable to all screens Top MenuTop Menu
F2To change the date of voucher entry or to change period for reports Right ButtonRight Button
F3Change Company: Switches to another company from the list of open companies Right buttonRight Button
F12ConfigurationRight Button
CTRL+F3To shut the currently loaded companies Right ButtonRight Button
ALT+F3Selects or opens other company present in the same folder or any other data pathRight Button
ALT+F2To change the system period for reports Right ButtonRight Button
CTRL+QExit the screen or the application Bottom BarBottom Bar

GST-Related Shortcuts in Tally

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
CTRL+OActivate the GST portal WebsiteTop Menu
CTRL+EExport the selected GST ReturnTop Menu
CTRL+AViews accepted the voucheTop Menu
Alt+SOpens Statutory Payment ScreenTop Menu
Alt+JMake Statutory adjustments in a voucherTop Menu

Common Keyboard Shortcuts /General Shortcuts &Navigation Shortcuts & Editing Shortcuts

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
F1Select CompanyTop Menu
F2Change DateTop Menu
F3Select Company/Change PeriodTop Menu
F4Contra VoucherTop Menu
F5Payment VoucherTop Menu
F6Receipt VoucherTop Menu
F7Journal VoucherTop Menu
F8Sales VoucherTop Menu
F9Purchase VoucherTop Menu
F10Reversing Journals and Memo Vouchers

Top Menu
F11Company FeaturesTop Menu
F12ConfigurationTop Menu
Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
Ctrl + AAccept a formTop Menu
Ctrl + KTallyPrime Support CentreTop Menu
Ctrl + NCalculator/Change ModeTop Menu
Ctrl + RRepeat narration in different vouchersTop Menu
Ctrl + EExport reportTop Menu
Ctrl + PPrint reportTop Menu
Alt + 2Duplicate a voucherTop Menu
Alt + DDelete a voucherTop Menu
Alt + XCancel a voucherTop Menu
Alt + RRemove a line in a reporTop Menu
Alt + SSave the report in ASCII, Excel, HTML or XML formaTop Menu

Keyboard Shortcuts – Reports

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
ALT+IInsert Voucher in reportBottom bar
Alt+2Duplicate entry: Creates an entry in the report by duplicating a voucherBottom bar
Alt+DTo delete an entry from a reportBottom bar
Alt+XCancel Current VoucherBottom bar
CTRL+RTo retrieve Narration from the previous voucher (for the same voucher type)Bottom bar
Alt+UTo display all hidden entries if they were removedBottom bar
Ctrl+UTo display the last hidden line (in case of multiple lines, using the shortcut repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first, post which the sequence will be followed)Bottom bar
ALT+F1 or
To view details of entries all at onceRight button
To view details of an entry without opening itNA
Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect or deselect lines till the endNA
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect or deselect lines till the topNA
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect or deselect lines till the topNA
Alt+ATo add a voucher in a reportBottom Bar
EnterTo drill-down and open a voucher or master from the last level details of a reportBottom Bar
Ctrl+Alt+ITo invert the selection of line items in a reportNA
Ctrl+EnterTo drill-down and open a voucher for displayBottom Bar
SpacebarTo select/deselect a line in a reportBottom Bar
Shift+SpacebarTo select or deselect a line in a reportBottom Bar
Ctrl+SpacebarTo select or deselect all lines in a reportBottom Bar
Alt+VTo open the GST PortalRight Button
Alt+CTo add a new columnRight Button
Alt+ATo alter a columnRight Button
Alt+DTo delete a columnRight Button
Alt+NTo auto repeat columnsRight Button
Alt+F12To filter data in a report, with a selected range of conditionsRight Button
Ctrl+F12To calculate balances using vouchers that satisfy the selected conditionsRight Button
Ctrl+BTo views values in different ways in a reportRight Button
Ctrl+HTo change view – display report details in different views
To navigate to Voucher View from Summary reports
To navigate to post-dated cheque related transactions report
Right Button
Ctrl+JTo view the exceptions related to a reportRight Button
Shift+Up/DownTo perform linear selection/deselection multiple lines in a reportNA

Keyboard Shortcuts – Vouchers & Masters

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
Alt+DTo delete voucher, group, stock item, company and ledger

Deletes empty ledgers

To delete entry from a report
Bottom Bar
Alt+XCancel Current VoucherBottom Bar
Ctrl+DTo remove an item or a ledger line in a voucherBottom Bar
CTRL+TPost-Dated Voucher: To mark a voucher as post-datedRight Button
Ctrl+FTo auto-fill detailsRight Button
Ctrl+HChange mode: To open voucher in different modesRight Button
Alt+SOpens Stock Query Report for the selected stock itemRight Button
Ctrl+LMark voucher as OptionalRight Button
F10To view list of all VouchersRight Button
Alt+RTo retrieve Narration from the previous ledgerNA
ALT+CTo create a masterNA
Alt +COpen the Calculator panelNA
Alt+VOpens a manufacturing journal from the Quantity field of a journal voucherNA
Ctrl+RTo retrieve Narration from the previous voucher (for the same voucher type)NA
Alt+4 or Ctrl+4Insert base currency symbol in an input fieldNA
Ctrl+V or
Ctrl+ITo add more details to a master or voucher for the current instanceRight button
Alt+JTo define stat adjustments during voucher entryRight button
TabTo go to the next input fieldNA
Shift+TabTo go to the previous input fieldNA
BackspaceTo remove the value typedNA
Page UpTo open the previously saved master or voucher
To scroll up in reports
Page DownTo open the next master or voucher
To scroll down in reports

Keyboard Shortcuts to Open Vouchers

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
F4To add Contra EntryF10 > Accounting Vouchers
F5To enter Payment EntryF10 > Accounting Vouchers
F6To open Receipt VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
F7To open Journal Voucher F10 > Accounting Vouchers
CTRL+F7Open Physical StockF10 > Inventory Vouchers
F8Open Sales VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
CTRL+F8To Open Sales OrderF10 > Order Vouchers
F9Open Purchase VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
CTRL+F9To Open Purchase Order10 > Order Vouchers
Alt+F6Tally Shortcut for Credit NoteF10 > Accounting Vouchers
ALT+F5Tally Shortcut for Debit NoteF10 > Accounting Vouchers
Ctrl+F4To Open Payroll VoucherF10 > Payroll Vouchers
Ctrl+F6Open Rejection In voucherF10 > Inventory Vouchers
Ctrl+F5Open Rejection Out voucherF10 > Inventory Vouchers

Module-specific Shortcut Keys in Tally Prime

Module-specific shortcut keys in Tally Prime involves three category of shortcut keys functions. Tally Prime Corporate Training can be helpful to boost workforce knowledge and fit your organizational needs. Here are the below categories:


Shortcut KeysFunction
Ctrl + F8Credit Note
Ctrl + F9Debit Note
Alt + F5Cash Flow
Alt + F6Check the day book
Alt + F12Filters the ledger


Shortcut KeysFunction
Alt + F7Stock Journal
Alt + F9Outward Remote Data
Alt + CCreate a master at a voucher
Ctrl + HChange View – To access reports in different views


Shortcut KeysFunction
Alt + F1Shut a Company
Alt + F2Company Statutory Details
Alt + F3Import Data
Ctrl + MEmail the report
Alt + F1Shut a Company

Tally Hidden Keys

Shortcut KeysFunction
Ctrl+R Remove line
Ctrl+UUnhide/ Restore Line
Ctrl + AAccept
Alt + I Insert any voucher
Alt + 2Duplicate any voucher
Alt + XCancel any voucher

Edit log shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
CTRL + B in the daybookView the edit log in the daybookReport & Enter
ALT + QEdit log for the ledger, Stock item, and GroupLedger alteration screen

TallyPrime shortcuts have contributed majorly in simplifying and making #EveryDaySimple, thereby saving time. By using these keyboard shortcuts, you can complete your work in lesser time than estimated, which, in turn, can help boost productivity.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the shortcut keys in TallyPrime?

The shortcut keys in TallyPrime make it simple and easy to access a broad range of functions through the use of keyboards.

Q. Which shortcut key is used to select the company in TallyPrime?

ALT+F3 is the shortcut key that is used to select a company in TallyPrime.

Q. Why upgrade from Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime?

TallyPrime comes with advanced features that make it easy for individuals, even from the non-IT and non-accounts background, to use this business management software to organise their business. In short, by upgrading Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime, companies can unlock a variety of features that can improve business efficiency.

Q. What is the Tally shortcut for debit notes and credit notes?

The shortcut key for debit notes and credit notes in TallyPrime are ALT+F5 and ALT+F6, respectively.

Q. Which shortcut key is used to quit from TallyPrime?

The shortcut key to quit from Tally is ALT+F4.

Q. What is the Delivery note shortcut key in TallyPrime?

The Delivery note shortcut key in TallyPrime is ALT+F8

What are the Tips to Use Tally Shortcut Keys?

If you want to efficiently navigate the Tally software, it is best to use the shortcut keys to save time on reaching for the mouse every time. You can use shortcut keys:

  • Alt+C: create a master at a voucher screen to make a ledger, cost centre, item, etc. 
  • Alt+X: cancel a voucher or list of vouchers
  • Alt+D: delete a voucher or master 
  • Ctrl+A: accept a form or report before proceeding
  • Ctrl+Q: leave a form or report

Q: How do I find the list of all Tally shortcut keys?

You can refer to the user manual or documentation from Tally Solutions in the Tally software. Moreover, you can press the F12 shortcut to configure settings, select “General Configuration”, and enable the option “Show all the keys in the Button Bar” to get the toolbar with various functions and their associated shortcut keys.

Q: How do I Customize Tally shortcut keys?

Press on the “F12” key to access the Tally shortcut configuration option. Choose the “General” option. Then, enable “Use Singl-Key Shortcuts” to choose a function. Then, assign the desired kays to finalize the shortcut.

Are there any third-party tools that can help me use Tally shortcut keys more effectively?

If you want to use Tally shortcut keys effectively, you can use third-party tools available, such as Tally Shortcuts, which also enable you to customize the functions according to your desire.

Q:How to enable the tally shortcut keys?

Press the F12 key to access the configuration option to enable your preferred tally shortcut keys, and press Ctrl+A to save them.

Q:What are Tally shortcut keys?

The Tally shortcut keys function as quick commands in the Tally accounting software for financial and inventory management.

What is the ALT+F1 key in Tally?

The Alt+F1 key combination serves as a function for quickly accessing the Company from the list. 

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