Tallyprime is a robust and efficient business management software that offers reliable and flexible tools for businesses to automate and streamline their various financial and management processes. Apart from that, TallyPrime works wonderfully when integrated with third-party software using API. It further saves lots of time and reduces the chances of error while offering increased business efficiency. 

In this comprehensive blog, we are going to learn the basics of TallyPrime API Integration along with how to use it. Also, we will explore various third-party software that complies with TallyPrime.

What Is TallyPrime API Integration?

TallyPrime is the latest version of Tally’s accounting software that has robust API integration capabilities with third-party software for various business automation needs. API Integrations With TallyPrime offers a seamless data exchange while streamlining and centralising the cluster data in one place. 

The API integration empowers businesses and further enhances their accounting workflows, eliminates manual data entry, and provides real-time visibility into their financial data. The TallyPrime API supports integration with a wide range of software, including ERP systems, CRM platforms, invoicing tools, and business intelligence solutions. 

How To Use TallyPrime API Integration?

To use TallyPrime with various third-party software, users need to follow some steps to centralise their cluster data in one place and mitigate data errors and mismatching. Integration also facilitates the automation of various tasks to save time and improve the efficiency of the business. 

Here are the following steps to use TallyPrime API Integration:

  • Step One: Open your TallyPrimeAPI account and sign up or log in with your credentials. It is recommended to use a strong password while signing up for a TallyPrimeAPI account for the first time.
  • Step Two: Once you are done with login, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you have to hover over the API key options. Now, click on your desired application to get your Test and Live Key for data-sending authentication with TallyPrime.
  • Step Three: In the third step, you need to click on the API template of the desired application for API Tally integration. By selecting the API template, you will get the POST URL + Headers + JSON Body format inside the template to process further.
  • Step Four: After going through the above steps and filling in the required details, head to the dashboard and click on the download TDL option to get the TallyprimeAPI.tcp. Now, load this data into your Tallyprime and E2T-API-Manager.exe and save it into the TallyPrime folder.
  • Final Step: Once you are done with the above steps, test your integration and start sending the data between your TallyPrime and third-party software safely and effectively. 

Compatible Software Platforms for TallyPrime API Integration 

1. Tally API Integration With Web Application

TallyPrime 4.0  is a versatile software that allows various web applications to integrate and share real-time data between them. Integrating web applications with TallyPrime works flawlessly irrespective of the framework of the web application. It is suitable for those businesses who want to automate and synchronise their tons of web application data with TallyPrime. By doing so, it helps in achieving an effective and error-free business environment. 

2. Tally API Integration With CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the keystone software for managing customer and business relations. In this regard, Tally API integration plays a crucial role in staying connected with the business’s customers and clients with real-time data exchange. Integrating TallyPrime with CRM can effectively eliminate data duplicity while synchronising attendance and inventory details. 

3. Tally API Integration With Mobile Applications

Integrating TallyPrime with mobile applications streamlines the data related to sales and provides a customised report without scrutinising the application’s data. It also streamlines the various data of retail and e-commerce businesses in one place and provides effective management of inventory, sales and transactions. 

4. Tally API Integration With Accounting Software

Integrating TalyPrime with other accounting software builds a robust and effective financial infrastructure. It streamlines accounting data and promotes an error-free environment for financial reporting. The third-party accounting software API integration with TallyPrime brings consistency and accuracy to the business and thus promotes revenue increment.

5. Tally API Integration With Salesforce

Salesforce (REST API) is a platform for effectively managing your customer relations. It offers a robust environment for automating sales and data synchronisations. Integrating TallyPrime with Salesforce will trigger an automated workflow and synchronise the sales data with TallyPrime for more transparent data visibility and mindful business decisions. 

6. Tally API Integration With WhatsApp

Integrating TallyPrime with WhatsApp facilitates quick data sharing along with invoices, orders and reports on a single click. It allows the sharing of multiple voucher types and reports at the same time, offering seamless communication between businesses and their clients. 

7. Tally Integration With Excel

Excel is a renowned tool for managing and storing various data in a very effective manner. Integrating Tally with Excel enhances the productivity of businesses while eliminating the need for manual data entry. Apart from that, it reduces errors, improves efficiency and promotes transparency in data visibility.  


TallyPrime is a great business management software that helps to manage accounting, inventory, banking and so on. While integrating TallyPrimeAPI with various third-party software centralises the data and brings transparency to the business.  However, it is crucial to choose the right and experienced integration service provider that understands your needs and values your data’s importance. 

In this context, Mark IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned TallyPrime API integration service provider who is highly experienced in understanding business needs and delivering tailored API Integration services that are specifically suited to business requirements. Want to know more about our service? Contact us today and embark on a journey to create a more transparent and efficient business environment. 


Q) Does Tally support API integration?

Ans: Yes, Tally supports API integration. Tally provides a wide of third-party API integration facilities that effectively streamline your business data and help to enhance your business efficiency.

Q) How to Use TallyPrime API Integration?

Ans: To use TallyPrime, sign up to TallyPrimeAPI and head to the dashboard. Now, hover over the API key options and choose your desired application to get the API key for data-sending authentication. However, you can refer to your integration service provider’s TallyPrime API documentation to assist you with more comprehensive information. 

Q) Is Your API & Data Secured?

Ans: Yes, your value data is completely secured with API. Renowned service providers use advanced technologies to secure your API from various security threats such as unauthorised access, data breaches and malware attacks. 

Q) How to generate API in the E-Way bill from TallyPrime?

Ans: Log in to your E-way bill portal and click on the registration button. Now, click on GSP and add a new GSP name and further click on add to generate API from the TallyPrime.