Tally released its latest product TallyPrime 2.0 that aims to make the user experience more seamless while offering a broad range of new features. With the launch of TallyPrime, users were able to automate various processes – compliance, inventory, accounting, reports among others. The BETA version of TallyPrime 2.0 was already released to give users a preview of the new features and capabilities.

TallyPrime 2.0 was released in July and is now available for download. It offers exciting features and works towards fixing existing bug issues. One of the main highlights of the TallyPrime 2.0 version is the e-Way Bill auto-generation. Thus, without further ado, let’s check out the latest features of TallyPrime 2.0

A. Who can use TallyPrime 2.0 Version?

  • Customers with a valid TSS subscription can download the TallyPrime Release 2.0 immediately and start using it right away.
  • Customers with an inactive TSS subscription need to renew their Tally subscription to use the latest TallyPrime 2.0 version.

Before updating your software, it is recommended to take a backup of the entire data. Also, as part of the BETA version, TallyPrime Server Release 2.0 is also available for download.

B. Highlights of TallyPrime Release 2.0

1. e-Way Bill Generation in TallyPrime

Break free from the hassle of exporting the JSON files and then importing them in the e-Way Bill portal, as the new feature allows you to easily generate an e-Way Bill in TallyPrime. This ensures that you don’t need to juggle between TallyPrime and the e-Way Bill system for different e-Way Bill activities.

All you need to do is save your username & password in Tally, and it will automatically generate an e-Way Bill for you. With the TallyPrime e-Way Bill feature, you can:

  • Track the status of all the e-Way Bills generated via Tally’s e-way bill report and e-way bill register.
  • Generate an e-Way Bill while creating a voucher
  • Generate multiple e-Way Bills online in bulk
  • Extend the validity for multiple transactions in bulk
  • Cancel an e-Way Bill or update the Part B section and Transporter ID
  • Print e-Way Bills for invoices with the QR Code and e-Way Bill number

2. Save View Feature for Reports

Earlier you needed to configure reports (F12) every time. But, with the Save View feature, you can permanently save your preferred view or as many views for a report as you like. This will help save a considerable amount of time every month/week and personalize your experience.

  • You can save a report view for a specific period i.e. an entire year or selected months.
  • You can save a report view to open for a specific master i.e. stock items, party ledgers, etc.
  • TallyPrime also allows you to set a default view for the report. The default view can be changed as and when you like.
  • You can save a report view in a way that is applicable only for you or all users. It can also be extended to all companies or only a specified company on a particular computer. The options are endless…
  • You can also delete the ‘saved report view’ for a specified company or all companies.
  • TallyPrime allows you to restrict users from deleting a saved view for a specified company.

3. Validate any GSTIN/UIN and HSN/SAC online

  • You can validate GSTIN/UIN information for single/multiple ledgers
  • You can validate HSN/SAC information for single/multiple stock items.

This helps you verify that the information entered into your account books are accurate, so there is no hassle while return filling. You can also update the information if needed.

4. TallyPrime Reports in Browsers (TRiB)

To provide a better overview of reports, TallyPrime has enhanced the existing Tally reports in browsers to include multiple new reports. This new feature provides:

  • Mobile-responsive design: From selecting a company to downloading a voucher, the TRiB feature provides a user-friendly experience with its all-new responsive design.
  • Change dates in the Day Book: It provides quick access to view the previous and next dates in the Day Book by simply tapping on the right and left arrow keys.
  • Scale Factor in Reports: Based on your preference, you can now view the values in hundreds, lakhs, etc in a report by applying the Scale Factor.
  • Show Details: You can view additional information in many reports by tapping on the show details option.
  • Change period: Changing the period of reports in browsers is further simplified by Tally.

With TRiB, you can easily access detailed Tally reports related to finance and compliance from any device, anywhere and any time.