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Tally Virtual User (TVU)

Tally Virtual User is the much-awaited update to Tally’s user licensing policy. The growing popularity and demand for cloud computing has influenced Tally to try this approach. Compelled by this change, Tally has simplified and authorized its use on the cloud. Formerly, Tally ERP 9 (now TallyPrime) worked with RDP or VPN; however, such use did not have an official endorsement or authorization.

What is the Tally Virtual User (TVU) Pack?

TVU packs enable you to use TallyPrime virtually. You can access TallyPrime using the TVU pack by using Desktop Virtualisation tools such as Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix, Windows Thin Clients, or other similar technologies, such as the Windows RDP. Regarding the TallyPrime system, it is essential to remember that the TVU pack does not affect users who access TallyPrime by remote access or how quickly or effectively TallyPrime performs.

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What are the Benefits of the TVU pack?

  • TSPL provides defined guidelines for using Tally via RDP or similar technologies that give customers comfort.
  • Depending on the customer’s experience with these environments, TallyPrime, it can be easy for the customers to familiarise themselves with the software.
  • The Customer receives support for configuring and troubleshooting such environments from Tally Partners and TallyCare.
  • The earlier version lacked features that came with a virtualized environment leaving customers dissatisfied with the service. The addition of new features has changed the tide and made the customers happy.
  • In place of getting a license for each location of a multi-location business, it is possible to obtain a single license.
  • With Tally, you can now access the software at any time, 24/7.
  • The new TallyPrime Gold offers a default of 10 virtual Tally Users, 10 remote Tally Users, and 10 web users who can use the web reports attribute.

TVU Licensing

The introduction of Tally Virtual User License has allowed users authorised access and support under the Tally Virtual User Pack. This product applies to existing Tally virtual users (Tally on cloud users, RDP, Citrix users, and similar technologies) and customers interested in using virtual Tally.

It is stated in this policy that every user of Tally is subject to a charge.

  • A customer who purchases a TallyPrime Silver license receives one TVU pack, and a customer who purchases a TallyPrime Gold license receives 10 TVU packs by default throughout the customer’s lifetime.
  • With Tally Server 9, customers will automatically receive 20 additional TVU packs for the product’s lifetime.
  • TallyPrime Gold allows customers to purchase as many TVU packs as they desire until they hit the maximum limit of 999 TVU packs. Due to the integration of Tally Server 9 with TallyPrime, it is not possible to purchase separate TVU packs for Tally Server 9.
  • TallyPrime Gold’s TVU packs are bundled with those of Tally Server 9.
  • Purchasing additional TVU packs is not possible with TallyPrime Silver.
  • Buying additional TVU packs for Tally licenses in India is possible at a monthly cost of 225 per month (billed annually). There will be 12 months of validity on each TVU, which will have to be renewed annually.
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The Tally Virtual User (TVU) License pack enables virtual usage of TallyPrime through a change in our licensing policy. You can use TallyPrime in a virtual environment through various technologies, such as RDP, Cloud, Citrix, etc.

The TVU pack is required to run TallyPrime on a virtualized environment and tally products have a tally virtual user pack by default. Following are the Steps to Avail of Additional TVU Packs for a Free Trial with your default entitlement during the free trial period.

  1. Visit www.tallysolutions.com and select the login button at the top right corner.
  2. Following that, key in your Tally.NET ID and password.
  3. Upon logging in, choose the control centre. Under that, you will find licensed management and select the serial number. Afterward, the program will showcase the TUV packs that qualify for your serial number.
  4. After clicking on Enable Free Trial, you can add TVU packs on top of your default eligibility
  5. Then the next screen will display showing TVU Free Trial. Be mindful that this will appear during the trial period.
  6.  Next, you need to switch the partner if required.
  7.  Under the required quantity section, key in the range of TVU packs needed.
  8. Tap on the Submit option, and the necessary number of TVU packs will be added. Upon enabling the trial, the next screen will occur.
  9. The free TVU packs and default entitlements are also listed as expiration dates.

For more such information refer to our beginner’s guide, Introduction To Tally Virtual UserIt should help resolve your queries.

Those businesses with existing remote access environments can benefit. Citrix, Windows Thin Client, and Windows RDP are a few examples of Desktop Virtualization tools. Get in touch with us for more information and any help regarding Tally.

TVU packs can be ordered from TSPL via the customer’s control centre. A competent Tally Partner is strongly recommended to review all such cases thoroughly.

As part of the TallyPrime license, TSS allows you to take advantage of Tally.NET services and receive the latest product updates.

Every TallyPrime Silver (single-user) edition comes with one TVU pack and each TallyPrime Gold edition comes with ten TVU packs.  MarkIT Solutions offers both Single-user and Multi-user licenses, you can visit our website to learn more and get your copy today.