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Tally Software Subscription (TSS) Services: TallyPrime Renewal

Tally Software Subscription (TSS) is a yearly subscription service that provides a collection of services that help enhance the various TallyPrime features. TSS services help secure your software data by offering continuous product upgrades and updates. Through this service, you can avail benefits such as instant support from TallyPrime, remote access services and varied features & functionalities that help accelerate your business growth.

Tally License Renewal or Tally subscription also ensures that your software is compatible with all new TallyPrime features and releases (TallyPrime 2.0).

For the 1st year, these services are free with the Tally software license. But, after a year, you need to renew your Tally Software Subscription if you want to use all services that TSS provides. TSS subscription is valid for one year, and the Tally renewal charges start at ₹4,248/year.

Tally Renewal Price

Be a step ahead of the competition by ensuring your Tally software is always up-to-date with TSS services. Tally subscription renewal comes with a broad range of benefits. Depending on your business needs and requirements, you can either choose a TSS single-user subscription (silver edition) or a TSS multi-user subscription (gold edition). To learn about Tally renewal charges for a single user and Tally multi-user renewal price, check the table below.



Single user edition
For Standalone PC

INR 4,248/Year




Unlimited multi-user edition For multiple PCs on LAN environment

INR 12,744/Year


Benefits of Tally Subscription Renewal

  • Latest TallyPrime Updates and Upgrades: Avail new product updates and upgrades to major TallyPrime releases with Tally subscription renewal. This will ensure your software is compatible with the newest technological advancements and statutory laws, which will help boost your business performance.
  • Remote Access: With the remote access services, you get 24/7 business connectivity and unrestricted access to Tally data. Easy access to Tally data ensures that you can manage your business from anywhere, anytime without any hassle. Also, with this feature, you can easily provide remote Tally access to your CA or their audit clerks.
  • Enhanced Data Security: TSS provides real-time, secure access to all Tally data from all devices and web browsers. One can easily access Tally data located at the head office from the branch office without the fear of security breaches.
  • Data Synchronisation: With on-demand data synchronisation, you can exchange and consolidate data across the head office, branches, warehouses and factories at a click of a button.
  • Customised Reports: You can access and get customised reports on the browser from anywhere instantly. These include the stock summary, profit & loss account, bills payables and receivables, balance sheet, purchase & sales register, among others.
  • Banking and Payments: Automatically reconcile your bank statement with your books of accounts to experience enhanced banking and payment services. Also, receive updates on the latest cheque formats in TallyPrime.

Tally License Renewal FAQs

No. Even if you don’t renew your TSS subscription, your product will still continue working seamlessly, but without the value-added services provided by TSS.
No. Every new TallyPrime license comes with 12 months (1-year) TSS validity. After a year, you need to renew your Tally Software
You will get all the latest Tally releases in the ‘Product and Feature’ centre. To upgrade the software to the latest release, you just need to click on the available button.
Yes, you can. Your new Tally Software Subscription will be activated for 12 months post the expiry of the current subscription.