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Tally on Cloud

Along with the business evolving, its dynamics and demands keep changing. With the current technologies advancing, the need to access business applications and data from anywhere has gained popularity. Most businesses want to leverage the cloud space or the cloud accounting space that facilitates access to applications on the go.

Tally on Cloud is a service that takes your offline Tally software to the cloud, thus you will be able to access your data from any device and anytime. It is easy, offers low maintenance and is an economical way of running TallyPrime through Tally on Cloud.  You can save various costs such as operational costs, backup costs, data maintenance costs, server hardware costs and other miscellaneous costs through cloud computing.

This cloud computing service will help you access your data from anywhere, boosting your business’s productivity level. Sometimes due to natural calamities, strikes, or any other unforeseen reasons employees are unable to work from the office. The challenge is to keep the business 100% productive at such times. To make it possible, MarkIT Solutions will help give business owners and employees the freedom to access their work from anywhere and at any time which will, in turn, improve the overall productivity of the business.

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Why choose Tally on Cloud?

Tally on cloud benefits are as follows:

  • Unlike a physical server wherein you need to pay money to purchase the server, the total costs for Tally on Cloud pricing is  less. It doesn’t require an investment amount.
  • Tally on Cloud works on subscriptions, thus you can choose your features such as storage space, backup systems, and what services you need. A customised Tally on cloud account can cater to all your needs with only a single Tally license for multiple offices.
  • You can access your data 24*7 from any device and be assured of best-in-class data security.

Features of Tally on Cloud

  • Uptime: 99.99% uptime
  • Costs: Low upfront investment.
  • Data Integrity and Security: 100% data integrity & security along with instant data recovery.
  • Back-up: Automated backup
  • Scalability: Fully scalable as per business requirements.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is taken care of by the Cloud Company.
  • Accessibility: 24*7 accessibility from anywhere, any time, and on all devices.
  • Remote Access: Available
  • Live Chat: Available


  • To host TallyPrime on a cloud server you need to find a cloud server that fits your pocket. 
  • Then all you have to do is connect with the cloud service provider and you will get your tally cloud server. 
  • Tally configuration settings will be taken care of by the service provider regularly. 
  • All your sources of tally remote access are handled efficiently without any leakage. We take the utmost care to provide you with the best experience of Tally on cloud.

Tally on Cloud is basically a service that will take your TallyPrime software on cloud. You will be able to access your Tally-related data from anywhere and at anytime. It is an easy and economical way of running your TallyPrime through Tally on Cloud.

Based on the business need and factors, choose the right remote access plan. The end-to-end solution will be customised, delivered, implemented, and serviced by Tally.
So if you are interested in a TallyPrime on a cloud service, get in touch with us. We will analyze your requirements, suggest and implement the best solution based on what you need, and provide you with the necessary support.