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Personalised Tally Training Modules to Help Your Business Grow

The sheer scope of Tally is so vast that a majority of businesses and individuals never end up using more than a fraction of the program.

Tally.ERP 9 (now known as TallyPrime) is loaded with features that help you manage your Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, Payroll and more. Tally.ERP 9’s strong business management features have made it the top business solution for 95% of businesses across the country. Which is exactly why Tally.ERP 9 training is important, as it opens up a range of opportunities for both businesses and employment seekers.

As a 5-Star Certified Premier Tally Partner, Mark IT Solutions excels in implementing Tally through our advanced training techniques, crucial for maximizing the software’s potential:

1. Tally Corporate Training Program: Our Tally.Prime Corporate Training Programs, now including Tally Prime Corporate Training, are designed to align with your business objectives and goals. This training emphasizes enhancing the core knowledge and learning capabilities of your workforce, reinforcing your company’s vision and ideology. It’s an integral part of professional development, equipping your team with the skills necessary for effective Tally usage.

2. One-On-One Tally Training: The Individual Training Programs in Tally.Prime is tailored to the specific needs of your staff, considering their work profiles and industry requirements. Conducted by a Tally SME, who is well-versed in various industries, local taxation rules, and statutory compliance, these sessions provide in-depth, personalized training.

Despite its vast and exceptional capabilities, Tally.ERP 9 remains simple & user-friendly.

Our dedicated and renowned individual & corporate tally training programs provide customers with all the know-how to utilise Tally.ERP9’s fullest potential. Flexible scheduling and appropriate class sizes ensure that each session is personal, customised and fruitful for the user. Expert trainers ensure that every query is addressed and answered until a desired level of satisfaction is achieved.

The utilities and advantages of the Tally training program are pivotal in significantly enhancing your business productivity. To leverage these benefits and schedule a training session, please contact our customer service representative.

The following business personnel can benefit from our corporate tally training program:

Accounts Executive
Inventory Executive
Human Resources
Human Resources Executive
Logistics Executive

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