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What is a PowerPack?

A PowerPack is a powerful subscription-based widget built on top of the Tally platform. It adds value to your business by simplifying key daily activities, which you may be doing manually at present. A good example is Digital Signature – replace the need for physically signing (or even printing out!) by automatically inserting a digital signature on all your Tally generated invoices. Tally.ERP 9 – which is now TallyPrime – along with the PowerPack saves you a ton of time, saves printing costs, and also saves the environment since you print less!

Check out all of our PowerPacks below and buy without worry with our 7-day no questions asked money-back guarantee! 

  • Auto Backup

    999.00 / year
    Ensure all your important data is properly safeguarded against power outages, data corruptions, or accidental deletions by using this life-saving Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime) module - Auto Backup. When it comes to business data, necessary measures must be taken to ensure that it is safe and secure at all times. Data loss and data theft is a common issue these days that is faced by all - start-ups, small businesses and big enterprises alike. Thus, with the Tally.ERP 9 Auto Backup module, you can take a complete backup of your company’s data and download it on your computer or store it on the Cloud.
    • Tally.ERP 9 Auto Backup module is easy to install and use.
    • There is no human intervention required as the backups are automated.
    • It offers greater security and is very reliable.
    • It helps safeguard the company's data by ensuring it is backed-up daily or at regular intervals.
    • It can be synchronized with free Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, amongst others provided it has been installed on your local system.
    By using the Auto Backup module, companies can save time and money as they can easily restore data at a click of a button. In the event of a system crash or a hack attempt, auto backups will ensure that the productivity at work is not hampered. Also, it helps build trust amongst your clients/customers, thereby improving your company’s credibility. Tally.ERP 9 Auto Backup Features
    • One-click installation and simple management.
    • Manual deletion of unwanted backups.
    • Date and time-wise backup to save Memory Space
    • Schedule backup on a daily basis or at regular intervals.
    • Fast Backup, irrespective of the network system (Lan or WiFi base)
    • Option to take backups of selective companies or all companies.
    • Automatically fetches the company’s data path from Tally.
    • The flexibility of storing backups locally, on Cloud or an offsite location.
    The Auto Backup module also made it easier for companies to work seamlessly from home during the lockdown as they had ready access to the data, which ensured that there was no lag in productivity or output. So purchase the Tally.ERP 9 Auto Backup module right now at the best price and get that extra security which will ensure your company’s data is not vulnerable to cybersecurity threats or any other manual error.
    • Remember, we offer you a No-Questions-Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with complete peace of mind!
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  • BizAnalyst – Tally on Mobile

    From: 4,248.00 every 2 years with a 2-month free trial
    With more than 70,000 Businesses using this robust Tally add-on, Biz Analyst is the most trusted mobile application that gives real-time information and allows you to access your Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime) data anytime/anywhere. It is securely synced with your Tally.ERP 9 installation and provides 7 levels of data security. With this Tally module, companies can boost their business growth and make a smarter data-driven decisions without having to depend on an Accountant or any outside help. As a Tally mobile app, It is easy to use and can work without the internet. That’s right! Once the data is transferred from the Biz Analyst desktop app to the mobile app, you can access the data on your mobile device without an active internet connection. However, to update the data, you will need an active internet connection, which will enable you to sync it with the desktop app. Biz Analyst offers you easy access to multiple reports, dashboard, and graphs that allow you to make decisions in the office, at meetings or on-the-go. Biz Analyst is not only for the CEO and other senior management of the company but for everyone who uses Tally data while on the move.

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    Features of Biz Analyst – Tally on Mobile
    • It offers detailed Analysis by Party and Ledger.
    • It offers Stock Summary and Business Reports.
    • It provides you with multi-level Sales Analysis at the customer level.
    • It can be used by multiple users and access by unlimited companies.
    • It is completely secured offering 7-level of data security.
    • It ensures real-time data sync with your Tally software.
    • It allows you to access to your Tally data 24/7.
    • It shows graphical trends, so you can analyse your sales by location, stock item, month etc.
    To save time and boost productivity, Biz Analyst - Tally on Mobile App allows you to create sales/purchase invoices, sales/purchase orders, receipts and payment receipts from the app itself. It also allows you to instantly share the created invoices/receipts through SMS, Email, WhatsApp and more, thereby expediting different tasks and resulting in faster output. With Biz Analyst, you can easily view all your receivables & payable at a single click. It allows you to send multiple payment reminders via email, SMS and WhatsApp. This helps businesses to reduce payment delays by up to 50%, thereby helping them avoid poor cashflow. What’s more, this Tally module offers you end-to-end encryption and allows you to sync the data from BizAnalyst to Tally.ERP 9 on your desktop, so you can store the encrypted data on your local system (computer). Also, it provides you with a complete customer profile - name, number and address along with purchase history, transaction summary, last sale data and more. This enables your team to come up with a sales strategy that can help increase the company’s revenue. Biz Analyst – Tally on Mobile App works on Android and iOS, and you don’t require any technical know-how of accounting to use this app.
    • When you purchase a license for 2 years, you get 2 months extra free of charge

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  • Digital Signature

    999.00 / year
    Eliminate paper and move into the digital age by e-signing all your documents and projecting a professional image to all your clients and vendors. With the Digital Signature module in Tally, businesses can cut down on the cost of paper, printing and courier. It also saves significant time and effort that goes into manually signing each document/invoice. Digitalization of various businesses processes is the way forward. Thus, purchase this add-on right way to digitally sign documents from Tally itself. Features of Digital Signature Module in Tally
    • You can create multiple copies of the digitally signed invoice with a single click.
    • The signed or unsigned PDF invoices are moved to the user’s desired folder,
    • You can create and send an email of a digitally signed invoice from Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime).
    • It can include information such as name, contact number, address, designated position, location, time and purpose.
    • It can handle all default or customised invoice formats.
    • The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) purchased from the license certificate authority can be selected during the printing of the invoice in Tally.ERP 9.
    Further reading: Difference Between DSC, E-sign and EVC in a GST Portal Benefits of Digital Signature Module in Tally
    • Digitally signed electronic documents are simple to send, store and download/retrieve.
    • It is more cost-effective to automate this process than to individually print, sign and courier each document/invoice.
    • It also helps you save the storage space in the office.
    • The delivery of electronic documents is instant as it is done via email.
    • There is no issue with authenticity as the Indian Government considers digitally signed invoices, challans, etc valid.
    • Many organizations today prefer digitally signed invoices to hard copies.
    • They are an eco-friendly alternative to paper.
    • It helps you to create an Integrated workflow, wherein all things related to electronic documents - signing, emailing and processing - can be done easily through the Tally software.
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions-Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Eliminate the need for file cabinets and tedious paperwork by using the Document Management System (DMS) Module to organize and archive all your important files. With this module, you don’t need to spend hours searching for that one specific file that you’ve always needed but can’t seem to ever find as it helps you to organize documents/vouchers as soft copies on your PC, which you can scan and link to the respective transactions in Tally. The DMS module works with a valid Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime) license and on release 4.6 onwards. It requires no additional hardware/software to be installed. You can attach almost all types of document (JPG, PDF, DOC, XLS etc.) with this Tally.ERP 9 module. Also, it allows you to attach documents at the transaction level, which you can view at the report level. Features of Document Management in Tally
    • Voucher Document Management (all in one place)
    • Option of both Single and Multiple file/document attachments
    • Seamless Document Printing
    • Locate folders/files from FTP servers or Network drive with ease
    • Locate files/folders by using the browse button functionality
    Benefits of Document Management in Tally
    • Document Management in Tally allows you to attach multiple files/documents related to a single voucher - invoices, purchase orders, sales orders etc - to any transaction.
    • It allows you to store files/folders/documents locally or on Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive).
    • It also allows you to quickly locate and share attachments electronically over a LAN or via email.
    With this add-on, you can save precious time by retrieving/locating the soft copy of the document with ease while also having the option of saving electronic copies in a folder of your choice. From helping you improve efficiency to significantly reducing the use of paper, the Document Management System has proven to be especially useful for remote work during the lockdown. Also, it allows you to safely store all your data in a centralized location, which make retrieving it easy leading to enhanced productivity.
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions-Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Address Book

    999.00 / year
    Maintain ease of access to your company’s important contacts with this time-saving Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime) module.
    • Easily view complete details such as name, number, address, contact number and other important information.
    • Information from the address book may also be printed out.
    This Address Book add-on will work seamlessly on Tally.ERP 9 release 6.0 onwards and is easy to configure and use. Over the year as your business grows, this Tally module can help you to save time by organizing all information in a structured format. For instance, this module offers you a quick overview of all the details in the Ledger Master - name, address, email, contact number, credit limit, state/location, GSTIN No, group and other data fields. Thus, saving you the hassle of checking each Ledger individually to obtain the required information. Note: One Tally Address Book add-on will only work for 1 site.
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions-Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Executive Dashboard

    999.00 / year
    The Executive Dashboard module helps you get an edge over your competition when it comes to managing your company. This module allows you to have an “Eagle Eye” by letting you monitor your company’s current progress towards important goals and quotas. It shows important figures and numbers which can serve as the key to outsmarting other businesses. Features of TallyPrime Executive Dashboard module include:
    • Seamless monitoring of business data in real-time from anywhere, any time
    • Check and compare business figures to improve your performance on-the-go
    • This TallyPrime module offers easy-to-read and understand graphical representations for company’s pertinent business data.
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Standard Narration

    999.00 / year
    The Standard Narration Module is a powerful module for users who need to duplicate a standard narration, thereby saving precious time and improving efficiency. Depending on the bill format, companies may need to add disclaimers (narration) based on company or government policies. These narrations can be in different types. Thus, here the TallyPrime Standard Narration Module can come in handy to create an unlimited number of Narrations in one place which can be used at the time of billing. Benefits of Using Standard Narration Module
    • Users can save the narration by simply saving the standard narration at a company level and use it by selecting it at the voucher entry level
    • The narrations are error-free which ensures greater credibility.
    Note: This module will work only with Tally.ERP 9 Series A, release 3.0 onwards Or TallyPrime.
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Authorisation PowerPack

    999.00 / year
    The Authorisation PowerPack module by TallyPrime ensures all data entries into your company’s system are checked & verified before they reflect in your records. This module will help you keep a watchful eye over what goes in and out the company’s records, therefore, helping you avoid costly mistakes and making sure that your financial records log are kept well-guarded.
    • An easy to use Authorization Dashboard will be made available for the administrators
    • Users and administrators have real time access for tracking voucher status
    • Every voucher can be tracked for archival or any other purpose
    • Multiple transactions can be authorized with the power of a single click
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Alteration History

    999.00 / year
    This TallyPrime module helps the company keep track of when and where specific files have been used and/or opened along with which persons have had access to the files. This will help ensure that company time and property are used efficiently.
    • Keep a track and instantly produce complete records with details of when and where files were accessed and by whom.
    • Alteration History records can quickly be filtered out in accordance to voucher type and/or access date
    Maintain confidence in your company’s security and reliability since you have the power to access this crucial data anytime
    • Remember, you have a No-Questions Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!
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  • Sale!

    Tally Training

    5,000.00 1,999.00
    2-hour virtual training session on a topic of your choice to enhance your TallyPrime experience. Topics can range from basic accounting training to advanced inventory or payroll setup & management. 2-This is the best corporate training program for sales staff, accountants, senior managers, store and purchase executive, among others. Some of the popular TallyPrime training program topics include:
    • Essential Basic of TallyPrime
    • Basic of TallyPrime with GST Training
    • Payroll Management
    • Order Booking, Tracking and Management
    • Waybill and GST Return in Tally
    • Stock & Inventory Management in Tally
    • How to Create Company in Tally
    If you have a topic in mind, don’t hesitate to ask! Note: Training is only for a 2-hour duration. If you believe you need additional time, feel free to add additional units to your purchase. Your purchase needs to be consumed within 1 sitting. Additional units can be consumed in 1-unit i.e. 2-hour increments.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs below.

PowerPacks FAQ

A PowerPack is a powerful widget built on top of the Tally platform. It adds value to your business by simplifying key, daily activities that may currently be done manually. A good example is Digital Signature – replace the need for physically signing (or even printing out!) By automatically inserting a digital signature on your entire Tally generated invoices. Saves you a ton of time, saves printing costs and also saves the environment since you print less!
Good Question! Our team is continually improving these PowerPacks. By adopting a subscription model, it allows our team to invest time to continually improve them. In addition, when the Tally platform is upgraded, your PowerPack will always work. Current offerings in the market sell you a ‘perpetual’ file and then charge you exorbitant upgrade fees when a new version comes out. We eliminate all of that and charge you a low fee. Think of it as sacrificing a couple of cups of coffees per year! Surely you can sacrifice 2 cups of coffee for improved productivity at work, right?
No problem! We understand that our customers’ needs evolve over time, and you may not need a certain PowerPack after a certain period of time. If you cancel within 7 days of purchasing the PowerPack, we will refund your money within 3 business days – no questions asked! If you’ve purchased an annual license, you can simply cancel your subscription and your license copy will lapse after your subscription period ends. No surprise charges. EVER!
Come on! You must be joking. Ok, you’re not. Well, the answer, surprisingly, is YES! If you purchase a PowerPack for the whole year, you can get it for only INR 999/year! That is a 15% discount or almost 2 months free 🙂 Happy now?

We’ve designed our PowerPacks to be self-serve and easy to install and use. We also provide you with a user manual and feature list with screenshots to get you started. But if you still have questions, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll help you out! If you need more hands-on support, just give us a call or drop an email.

Absolutely! We will continue to build the PowerPacks that serve our customers at an affordable price. We notify our customers when a new PowerPack is available. Meanwhile, if you need something very unique to your business, we have a top-notch development team that is eager to solve complex problems for businesses like yours. Fill out this form, we’ll get in touch with you!
Good question again! Other vendors may offer you a PowerPack (add-on/module) for a flat one-time fee. But what they don’t tell you is that anytime there is a release upgrade or newer version of Tally, the PowerPack will stop working. To get it to work again, you will need to pay the vendor more money. This cycle is never-ending! In addition, other vendors may not update their PowerPacks with additional features. If they do, they may charge you extra for the same. With Mark IT, your PowerPack will always work even if there is a release update. The subscription model also allows us to continually enhance our PowerPacks and pass on the benefits to our customers at no extra cost. Plus, you save a ton of money upfront which you can use for other business improvements!
You can choose between a number of payment types – NEFT, credit or debit card, UPI, EMI or any wallet (like PayTM, PhonePe etc.) Providing flexibility to our customers is important to us, so we ensure to continually add the latest payment methods.
We’re glad you want to! Simply add multiple PowerPacks to your cart and buy! In addition, if you wish to purchase additional PowerPacks for additional serial numbers, simply change the quantity to the appropriate number of serial numbers and you are set. Feel free to add any comments in the Notes section if there is something you need to tell us regarding your order. Trust us, we read every customer’s emails!
A PowerPack is compiled and attached to a single serial number. If you’d like to set up the PowerPack for multiple serial numbers, simply purchase additional PowerPacks for each of your serial numbers. Simple!

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