Eliminate paper and move into the digital age by e-signing all your documents and projecting a professional image to all your clients and vendors. With the Digital Signature module in Tally, businesses can cut down on the cost of paper, printing and courier. It also saves significant time and effort that goes into manually signing each document/invoice. Digitalization of various businesses processes is the way forward. Thus, purchase this add-on right way to digitally sign documents from Tally itself.

Features of Digital Signature Module in Tally

  • You can create multiple copies of the digitally signed invoice with a single click.
  • The signed or unsigned PDF invoices are moved to the user’s desired folder,
  • You can create and send an email of a digitally signed invoice from Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime).
  • It can include information such as name, contact number, address, designated position, location, time and purpose.
  • It can handle all default or customised invoice formats.
  • The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) purchased from the license certificate authority can be selected during the printing of the invoice in Tally.ERP 9.

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Benefits of Digital Signature Module in Tally

  • Digitally signed electronic documents are simple to send, store and download/retrieve.
  • It is more cost-effective to automate this process than to individually print, sign and courier each document/invoice.
  • It also helps you save the storage space in the office.
  • The delivery of electronic documents is instant as it is done via email.
  • There is no issue with authenticity as the Indian Government considers digitally signed invoices, challans, etc valid.
  • Many organizations today prefer digitally signed invoices to hard copies.
  • They are an eco-friendly alternative to paper.
  • It helps you to create an Integrated workflow, wherein all things related to electronic documents – signing, emailing and processing – can be done easily through the Tally software.

  • Remember, you have a No-Questions-Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!

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