The Authorization PowerPack helps you ensure that all data entries into your company’s system are checked and verified before they are reflected within your records. This module will help you keep a watchful eye over what goes in and out the company’s records therefore helping you avoid costly mistakes and making sure that your financial records log are kept well-guarded.

  • The administrator of the module can set minimum and maximum value ranges for data entry before final verification
  • Remarks/comments can be required for every stage of voucher approval
  • An easy to use Authorization Dashboard will be made available for the administrators
  • Users and administrators have real time access for tracking voucher status
  • Every voucher can be tracked for archival or any other purpose
  • Multiple transactions can be authorized with the power of a single click
  • Transactions can be rejected anytime if deemed necessary by the administrator

  • Remember, you have a No-Questions Asked 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and purchase with peace of mind!

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