Did you know that Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime) has powerful shortcuts to let you have a faster and smoother experience while passing transactions? Now, you can boost your productivity and spare more time for your business.

What would you do when you open your voucher screen and find that the required ledgers or stock items have not been created yet? This kind of situation generally forces users to come out of the voucher creation screen and navigate through the menu to complete the requirements. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could do this directly from your current screen by using a few key combinations? This is where the Shortcut keys in Tally.ERP 9 come in to help you experience a faster transaction entry process. These must-try shortcut keys can be used while creating or altering vouchers and also while viewing reports that show transactions.

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Power Shortcuts for Voucher Creation and Alteration Screen

1. Alt +C: To create any master (e.g. ledger, stock item) on a voucher creation or alteration screen For example, on the Sales Voucher screen, put the cursor at ‘Party’s A/c Name’ and press ‘Alt + C’ to open the ledger creation screen. Once, the ledger creation is done, accept the screen and you will go back to the previous Sales Voucher screen with the newly created ledger name.

2. Ctrl + Enter: To alter any master item on a voucher creation or alteration screen For example, select a particular ledger or stock item on the Sales Voucher screen and press ‘Ctrl + Enter’.

3. Ctrl + R: To repeat narration on a voucher While you are creating or altering a voucher, go to the Narration field and press ‘Ctrl + R’. This will copy the ‘Narration’ from the last opened transaction in the same voucher type.

4. Ctrl + Q: To cancel or quit the screen without saving any of the changes made On a voucher screen, press ‘Ctrl + Q’ to quit or cancel the transaction and come out of the screen. This does not save any changes you have made.

5. Ctrl + D: To delete a line in a voucher

For example, on a voucher alteration or creation screen, highlight the required line and press ‘Ctrl + D’ to delete it.

6. Alt + D: To delete a voucher from its alteration screen, you can press ‘Alt + D’

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Power Shortcuts for Reports displaying Transactions

These are handy shortcuts we can use in reports like Day Book, Ledgers A/cs and Sales/Purchase Registers etc. that show transactions.

1. Alt + A: To add a voucher right after the cursor position in a list of vouchers For example:

Go to ‘Gateway of Tally > Display > Day Book

Select one voucher and press ‘Alt + A’ to insert a voucher right after the highlighted voucher in the list

2. Alt + I: To insert a voucher before the cursor position in the vouchers list For example,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books > Purchase Register > Press ‘Enter’

Press ‘Alt + I’ to insert a voucher directly before the highlighted voucher in the list

NOTE: The same keys can also be used to toggle between voucher and invoice mode on the sales and purchase invoice creation screen.

3. Alt + D: To delete a voucher from the Day Book For example, in a Day Book or other reports showing the list of vouchers,? Select or highlight the voucher to delete > Press ‘Alt + D’.

4. Alt + 2: To duplicate a voucher While viewing a list of vouchers in reports:

Select the voucher of which you want to make the duplicate > Press ‘Alt + 2’.

Now the voucher creation screen with similar details or information on the selected voucher will be opened.

5. Alt + Enter: To view the ‘Voucher Display’ To do this:? Select the required voucher on from the list of vouchers > Press ‘Alt + Enter’.

The ‘Voucher Display’ screen will appear as shown below:

Voucher Type Shortcut Keys

You can use certain key combinations in Tally for quick action to enter specific voucher entry screens without clicking on links. E.g. Press CTRL+F1 to go to the payroll voucher. Here are some Voucher Type Shortcut Keys:

  1. CTRL + F1: Select the payroll voucher from the accounting screen or the inventory voucher
  2. CTRL+_F2: Select Sales Order Voucher from Accounting and Inventory Voucher Screen in Tally ERP 9.0.
  3. CTRL + F4: Select Purchase Order Voucher from the Accounting Entry Screen
  4. CTRL + F10:  The Memorandum voucher screen
  5. CTRL + F9: Go to Debit note voucher from the Gateway of Tally
  6. CTRL + F8: Open the Credit note voucher screen
  7. ALT + J: Job Workout Screen
  8. ALT + W: Job Work Receipt Voucher
  9. F1: Open company from the gateway of Tally
  10. F2: Change the current date
  11. F4: Open Contra Voucher
  12. F5: Open Payment Voucher 
  13. F6: Open Receipt Voucher
  14. F7: Shortcut Key Journal Voucher
  15. F8: Sales Voucher Screen
  16. F9: Purchase Voucher Shortcut
  17. F11: Tally Features Configuration
  18. F12: Customize the Voucher, generate, print, and license the Voucher. 

Shortcut Key at Voucher Screen

If you want to make your data entry process easier, below are the shortcuts you can use at the voucher entry screen:

  1. ESC: Delete files during voucher entry
  2. Alt+D: Delete the selected Voucher
  3. Alt+C: Create a new master
  4. Alt+x: Cancels Voucher
  5. Alt+I: Insert New Voucher
  6. Alt+2: Generate duplicate Voucher from selected Voucher
  7. CTRL+A: Save the entry
  8. CTRL+V: Move between invoice and voucher mode
  9. CTRL+N: Turn up the Calculator
  10. CTRL+Alt+C:  Data Copy from Tally
  11. CTRL+V: Paste the Copied date in Taly ERP 9

Hence, you can use these power shortcuts to help save time and enhance the usage experience in Tally prime 

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