As an ERP business management software, Tally has always been an on-premise product. But, with the advent of virtualisation and the current pandemic, the need for remote Tally access has gained momentum. To keep up with the changing times, and to stand true to its promise of providing access to TallyPrime anytime, anywhere, Tally has made the first-ever change to its licensing policy, thereby authorising and supporting the virtual usage of TallyPrime.

1. What is Tally Virtual User (TVU) Pack of TallyPrime License?

To use TallyPrime virtually, you need a Tally Virtual User (TVU) pack. Through the TVU pack, you can access TallyPrime with Desktop Virtualisation tools such as Windows RDP, Citrix, Windows Thin Client or any other similar technologies. It is important to note that the TVU pack doesn’t impact users accessing TallyPrime via its inbuilt remote access mechanism nor would it affect the end-user experience or the speed and performance of Tally.

In fact, with the TVU pack, customers can now enjoy the additional benefit of official support for Tally configuration and troubleshooting in a virtualised environment. Also, since TallyPrime will be installed on a server, users can access it round the clock without any hassle.

2. Tips to Configure TallyPrime for Virtual Usage

To use the Tally Virtual User pack, you need a valid TallyPrime license. You can get in touch with your Tally Partner to set up an online server computer for TallyPrime. Once the server computer is set up, you can use TallyPrime from any computer or device by connecting it to the server using a third-party desktop tool that supports the remote connection.

  • Selecting hardware and software: To select the right hardware and software set up, you need to consider your business needs and the various features that your remote desktop tool provides. While your TallyPrime data is already stored on the online/remote server you are setting up, you need to check a few details with your service provider, including data security, backup facility, number of simultaneous desktop sessions allowed, time & duration of service availability, among others.
  • TallyPrime Access Control: Just like in the case of the desktop version of TallyPrime, the virtual environment also offers you the option to allow/restrict access to certain information. For instance, an employee with access to check receivables or record receipts, will not be able to view the financial reports unless permission is granted.

3. Virtual Use of TallyPrime

Once you have set up an online server computer for TallyPrime, you can:

  • Access data from anywhere: You can use any computer or device that has the third party remote tool to access the desktop of your server computer. The virtualised environment is no different than using TallyPrime on a local desktop. So, you can easily record transactions, print vouchers & reports, or check your business status. One of the best parts of virtual use is that employees don’t have to carry the data backup and restore it on their computer at home. They can easily access the same data set from home via the virtualised environment.
  • Audit Accounts: If permission is granted, the auditor can audit accounts using a remote desktop easily.

4. Tally Virtual User (TVU) Licensing Information

  • By default, each Tally license comes with a free lifetime entitlement of virtual users. With a single user TallyPrime (Silver) license, you get 1 TVU pack free. Whereas, with a multi-user TallyPrime (Gold) license, you get 10 TVU packs.
  • With Tally.Server 9 license, you get an additional 20 TVU packs for free till the lifetime of TallyPrime.
  • Additional TVU packs cannot be purchased for TallyPrime Silver (single-user) edition and Tally.Server 9 license.
  • Additional TVU packs – up to 999 – can be purchased for TallyPrime Gold (multi-user) edition. Additional TVU packs are billed annually and have a validity of 12 months. Post that, you would need to renew them.

5. Tally Virtual User Free Trial – Additional TVU Packs

Every TallyPrime edition comes with default TVU packs. To use additional TVU packs over & above the default during the free trial period, you can follow the below steps.

Tally.NET ID to log on

    • Step 2 – Once logged in, click on Control Centre → License Management → Serial Number. This will display all the default TVU packs that are available for a particular serial number.

Control Centre → License Management → Serial Number

    • Step 3 – Click on ‘Enable Free Trial.’ If required, you can change the partner. Also, in the box next to ‘Required Quantity’ add the number of TVU packs needed (example 35) and click submit.Enable Free TrialOnce done, the screen will display the details on; the default entitlement, and the additional free TVU packs added along with its expiry date. You can use these free additional TVU packs till the trial period ends.

TVU packs

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on TVU

Who can benefit from the TVU pack of TallyPrime?

Tally Virtual User benefits are many especially for businesses with an existing virtual environment that makes accessing applications remotely easy through tools like Citrix, Windows RDP, Citrix, etc. Also, an organisation with multiple locations can use a multi-user license (with 10 free TVU packs) instead of getting one for each branch.

How do I purchase additional TVU packs?

A certified Tally Partner can help you purchase additional TVU packs.

Do I need a separate TSS for additional TVU packs?

TSS is required for a TallyPrime license and to use Tally.NET services and its latest updates. Whereas, you would need to purchase additional TVU packs for using TallyPrime in the virtual environment. TVU packs are billed annually and come with a 12 months validity.

Are Tally Remote Access and Tally Reports on Brower part of the TVU pack?

No. Tally Remote Access and Tally Reports on Brower are a part of TSS and not the TVU pack.

Will TVU have any impact on the customisations I use?

No. Irrespective of the deployment style, TVU won’t have any impact on the customisations you use.

What are the system requirements for the TVU pack?

A virtualized system is needed for the usage of the TVU pack while the configurations will largely depend on the volume of data and other parameters.

How do I secure my Tally data in Could/Virtual environment?

In the Cloud/virtual environment, data security is taken care of by three separate agents – business owner (and how they configure their IT system), TallyPime (offers inbuilt security features) and the virtual environment provider.

For multi-user installation with remote connections, you need a dedicated person with IT administration skills and knowledge of firewalls, data encryption, etc from the side of the implementation partner.