With Tally’s latest release TallyPrime, the user experience has enhanced three-fold thanks to numerous features that it offers. In one word, TallyPrimes helps you to #MakeEveryDaySimple and focuses on improving business efficiency by helping you streamline various business processes. If you have not upgraded Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime, then its high time that you do so. For now, let’s check out what exactly is TallyPrime Server and its various features and benefits.

A. What is TallyPrime Server?

TallyPrime Server (previously called Tally.Server 9) is a server-based data architecture that offers powerful features and capabilities that help boost the performance of the Tally software, especially when it is loaded with abundant data. TallyPrime Server is an enterprise-class product that allows two or more users to access data simultaneously without any hassle. It offers greater flexibility, reliability and is user-friendly, which makes it an ideal software for fast-growing medium and large businesses.

TallyPrime Server helps boost business efficiency by minimising system unavailability, which ensures that users can complete tasks without any time-lag. It also allows for data backup, which helps keep all your data/files secured. To use the Tally Server, you need to have a TallyPrime gold software license.

B. Key Benefits of TallyPrime Server

  • Business Process Optimisation: With the TallyPrime Server, you can easily optimise your business processes as it allows authorised users (admin) to track, manage and monitor user activities and sessions. This provides you with details about who is logged in and what activities are in progress, thereby helping you better manage the system usage. It also offers you the option of disconnecting users if required.
  • High Concurrency: One of the primary benefits of TallyPrime Server is that it allows multiple users to access the Tally system simultaneously. Users can effortlessly import data, export/print reports, save transactions, perform data-related activities together without any lag. This will help boost work productivity, ensuring that tasks get completed faster. Most importantly, even if multiple users work on the same data simultaneously, you can expect consistent, accuracy and real-time data at all times.
  • Minimum Downtime: System downtime can happen during the time of backup. However, with the TallyPrime Server, the downtime experienced by users is almost zero as the backup is taken at the server level. This ensures that your PC is not affected and the workflow is not impacted.
  • Higher Data Security: The powerful TallyPrime Server not only offers better access to data files, but also offers higher data security. With Tally Server, the admin can hide the data path from users, ensuring higher data integrity. For any user to access and operate TallyPrime Server, only the name of the data server is sufficient. This ensures that no alteration/changes can be made by any user without authorisation.
  • Better Monitor And Control: TallyPrime Server offers the admin full control to check and comprehensively monitor various activities. An administrator can check when a user logged in, what tasks he is working on, what companies are opened and the time spent completing a specific task. This helps you to gauge how efficient an employee is and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

C. TallyPrime Server FAQs

    • What’s the difference between Tally.Server 9 and TallyPrime Server?

While the function of both Tally.Server 9 and TallyPrime Server is the same – improving the performance of Tally, TallyPrime Server includes all the latest features of the TallyPrime software. This makes TallyPrime Server a feature-rich product that can help boost business efficiency and accelerate business growth.

    • How do I identify if my Tally requires TallyPrime Server?

If you are facing issues such as slow speed while opening reports or experiencing time lag and downtime, then it’s a clear sign that you need to switch to TallyPrime Server. Having multiple Tally users is another reason why Tally Server is the ideal choice for your business.

    • How many users can I connect to TallyPrime Server?

With the TallyPrime Server, you can add up to 150 users to the system without any issue. All users can work simultaneously without it affecting another users work. However, note that too many users can affect the system’s performance.

    • What’s new in TallyPrime Server?

From seamlessly creating a multi-window system in Tally to handling heavy data effortlessly, the new TallyPrime Server provides numerous benefits. It also helps to quickly respond to multiple user requests without prolonged wait time. It provides greater performance, accuracy, speed, better control and robust security. What’s more, it helps optimise various business processes, thereby helping you boost productivity at work.

    • Can a Single user use TallyPrime Server?

No. Since the primary purpose of TallyPrime Server is to cater to multiple users simultaneously without any lag or wait time, this product is not suitable for a single user as the issue of concurrency does not arise.

    • Is it possible to monitor user actions in TallyPrime Server?

Yes, it is. With the Tally Server, the administrator gets full control to monitor and track the activities of all users. The admin can monitor user actions in real-time to check how each user is utilizing his time. This will help the management to better understand the work patterns of their employees and allow them to take the necessary steps required to enhance the overall productivity, thereby ensuring there is no wastage of resources. Plus, any issues can be handled immediately before it becomes a major problem.

    • Is data conversion required to use TallyPrime Server?

If you are already using Tally.ERP 9 Series A version or the latest TallyPrime, then you don’t require data conversion to use TallyPrime Server.

    • Is TallyPrime Server multi-threaded?

Yes, it is. Multi-session capability is one of the primary benefits of using TallyPrime Server. This built-in technology ensures that there is no queuing and every user request is given equal priority in tandem with others. With TallyPrime Server, the user feels that he is working on his own local copy (snapshot of data) without any hindrance. Plus, it offers features like Concurrent Read + Read and Concurrent Read + Write.

    • What is the difference between TallyPrime License Server and TallyPrime Server?

To share the TallyPrime Gold License from one system (where the License is activated) to another system on the network, a user needs a TallyPrime License Server. TallyPrime Server, on the other hand, provides TallyPrime Gold users with the necessary authorisation required to access and operate Tally.

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