With the current pandemic showing no signs of abating, working remotely is the only option to keep a business thriving. To minimise the loss of productivity when working from home, companies need to employ technology that will help facilitate smoother workflow. Here, with the Tally remote access, employees can securely access TallyPrime from anywhere, which ensures that their work is not affected. Thus, let’s look at what remote access in TallyPrime is along with essential features it provides to keep your data protected.

A. What is Remote Access in TallyPrime?

With the Tally remote access feature, anyone with a valid license for the server, an active TSS (Tally Software Services), and an Internet connection can easily access TallyPrime from anywhere to record transactions or view reports. To allow access to your employees working remotely, you need to create Tally.NET IDs for users. Employees with the required permission can record/alter vouchers, audit accounts, print reports and vouchers with TallyPrime remote access. It also allows you to disconnect remote access when not needed, thereby offering complete control.

Based on the type of license you have – single-user or multi-user license – you can grant access to a single person or up to 10 users respectively. Users can then access Tally through a mobile application, virtual access, remote access software, among others. Read this blog to know about the different ways to remotely access Tally. What’s more, one can also use the Educational version of TallyPrime for remote access.

B. Essential Features To Protect Tally Data While Working Remotely

  • User Activity Management: In the case of multiple users, tracking the activity of each user can be difficult and there might a high chance of errors, which could lead to a potential loss for the company. To avoid this, you can use the Audit Pro feature that allows you to track every activity (entries done) by each user right from creating an entry to editing and deleting. This will help minimise errors, and you’d be able to ensure that time is used efficiently by your employees. Plus, it allows you to set realistic benchmarks for each day.
  • Set Access Rights for Different Users: Those with the owner credentials have the rights to access all Tally data and can create & update user information, remove users, alter permissions, set up security, etc. Owners can set access rights for different users to ensure only authorised users can access the company’s data. For this, you’ll need to create a username and password for all users and assign rights accordingly. Also, by granting role-based security rights, you’ll be able to track which user has added a new transaction or altered or deleted a transaction, which will further help safeguard your data.
  • Digital Signature: One of the most tedious tasks of getting a signature from an authoritative person is taken care of by TallyPrime digital signature feature. Apart from helping verify the authenticity of a document, a digital signature helps cut down on the cost of paper, printer, and courier. The best part, digitally signed invoices can be emailed to customers at once which helps save a lot of time and facilitates faster processes. Digital Signature Module in Tally is especially useful when working from home as it allows you to create multiple copies of the digitally signed invoices at a click. Plus, these electronic documents are simple to send, store, download and retrieve.
  • Report Access Management: With this feature, you’ll be able to view the list of all the users available online. It also allows you to view the history of each user, right from the serial numbers to the companies the users were connected to etc.
  • Backup Your Tally Data: This is another essential feature to protect your Tally data when working from home. Backing up your Tally data daily will ensure that in the event of a hard drive crash or virus attack, you’ll be able to restore your company’s data easily. Here, you can use the Auto Backup module of TallyPrime that will help you to continuously backup your Tally data while also offering protection from data loss and data theft. The Auto Backup module is fully automated and can also be synchronized with free Cloud storage platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

#Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud makes working with Tally from home easy. It offers centralised and secure access to Tally data from anywhere, at any time and from any device. With the Tally on Cloud offering, your physical server is replaced with a virtual server that is hosted by a cloud company such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. With the virtual server, you won’t experience any downtime. Plus, it offers scalable resources which you can use based on your needs.

By using Tally on Cloud, you can save on several costs such as server hardware costs, operational costs, maintenance costs, among others. Tally on Cloud is also compatible with all versions of Tally starting with Tally.ERP 6.x. The best part, you only require a single Tally license for multiple offices.

Some of the features that it provides include real-time data sync, automated backups, guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and 100% data safety with an instant data recovery option. This will ensure that the productivity level of your employees is optimal at all times.

Check out this blog to know more about our Tally on Cloud offering. And for more information about TallyPrime, contact us today!