Managing time and tasks go hand-in-hand. There are so many software available today that help to make business tasks easier. One such popular software is Tally. Tally software solutions help to manage your accounting and business applications with much ease.It also helps in branch management, payrolls, and sales

Tally.ERP offers features that can scale your business most effectively. It has certainly reduced the burden of many accountants and auditors. Plus, it is effective in analyzing your company’s position and performance.

Tally customization makes up for an important tool for business as it effortlessly integrates with your business processes and tasks. It is available with comprehensive features and ERP solutions and is best suited to businesses that are looking for changes in business operations.

Changes in business functions also demand a change in MIS, inventory management, and automation at various levels. These changes in business functions can be coped with Tally customization. More importantly,Tally.ERP 9 software provides a flexible platform that helps to support extensive Tally customization.

A] What is Tally Customization?

Since different organisations have different requirements, Tally software can come in handy, as through customization, varied functions can be modified, based on the business task.

With Tally.ERP customization, you’ll be able to get customized invoice reports and modules. It also lets you add new functionality as per your business need. Tally software is available with build-in SOAP that helps to integrate with various business tools. Also, it helps to sustain the open database connectivity, which aids in the export & import of XML format.

The exceptional features that help to customize are accessible to many industries that include retail and manufacturing. The best part, Tally software is user-friendly and simple to understand.

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B] Benefits of Tally Customization

With the Tally.ERP customization feature, your employees don’t need to manually work on data anymore. This will help boosts productivity and allow your employees to concentrate on other business tasks.

  • The data with Tally is highly secured, so there is no data loss threat. It also provides great backup support.
  • It offers authorization and control features so you can decide who can access your company’s data.
  • The Tally customization feature provides a complete overview of your financial transaction.
  • It provides remote access feature, so you and your employees would be able to access data from any location.
  • Tally also provides you with real-time reports that ensure complete convenience.

Irrespective of the industry, you’ll be able to use Tally in any form. It also offers a complete payroll management feature and is affordable.

C] Use Cases of Tally Customization

To cater to the requirement of different businesses, we offer customized modules, which can be integrated with Tally.ERP 9 to fulfil all needs. Here are a few examples;

  • School Module
  • A customized school module helps in routine operations of the school, which saves a lot of time. It aids in finance and payroll management. Education ERP also has other functionalities like student management, admission process management, library management, and fee management.

  • Housing Society Module
  • Tally provides one-step solutions for a co-op housing society to keep updated details of members. It helps to manage registration, billing & maintenance, and identification. The system also helps to maintain occupancy detail with complete accounts management.

  • Custom House Agents Module
  • The module offers comprehensive solutions for custom house agents; expense & income booking, shipping & cargo agents, and tracks jobs. It is also GST compliant and offers tailor-made sales invoices.

  • Auto Backup Module
  • The auto-backup module helps to safeguard the company data and ensures that data is backed up at regular intervals. The best part is that no human intervention is required for auto-updates. It also safeguards your data against power outages, accidental deletions, and data corruption.

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  • Digital Signature Module
  • This module eliminates the need for paper so that you can e-sign all your documents. It helps to project a professional image to all your vendors and clients. With a single click, you’ll get access to multiple copies of your signed invoice. It also lets you directly mail a digitally signed invoice.

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    D] How Can You Customize Tally?

    Most companies use Tally customization for the invoice. You’ll be able to customize all your invoices according to your company’s needs. You’ll also have the flexibility of customization in preparing company vouchers.

    Manual work on vouchers is time-consuming, so with the customization of vouchers, you’ll save a lot of time. Plus, it lets you add different fields in masters and transactions.

    Tally customization feature helps to customize operational, middle, and higher management. With the focus on different management, the workflow will become more organized. With Tally, you’ll also be able to customize control features and total security of data. Moreover, it helps you to develop new functionality that supports your day-to-day work schedule.

    To Sum up,

    Tally customization is ideal for growing business. As the business grows, it seeks changes in the processes and requires new updates. Tally is the most efficient and capable software that allows you to customize your business module. It lets you integrate with features that help in proper financial management.

    With Tally customization, you’ll be to run seamless business operations. What’s more, Tally updates its software and incorporates changes depending on demand.

    GST implementation that is adopted by Tally is also easy to understand and integrate with your business requirements. It provides scalable performance and total productivity. Thus, if you are looking to make your business tasks easier, then it is about time you use the Tally customization feature of Tally.ERP 9.