Did you know that with the Tally.ERP 9’s Godown enhancement feature, tracking how much of your stock is lying with third party or how much third party stock is lying with you, is no longer an issue?

In today’s business, where manufacturers, buyers or resellers keep multiple stock items belonging to different parties, maintaining stock items and carrying out stock evaluation can become a challenge. Many times a manufacturer has to send stock items for Job Work or receive third party’s stocks for servicing and in such situation generating accurate stock report can become more complicated. However, the new enhanced godown feature in Tally.ERP 9 allows users to create Godowns based on the possession type for the stock items, and this function enables users to track which Godown stores third party stocks and also allows tracking which stocks are lying in third party Godowns. Based on the options selected for each Godown, the Stock Valuation gets affected. Hence, this feature helps users get better stock management and more accurate Stock Summary report.

Tally Training

The sheer scope of Tally is so vast, that a majority of businesses and individuals never end up using more than a fraction of the program. The utilities that the program offers can increase your business productivity by manifold. So, how do you harness the devices that the program has to offer? Simple! You call us!

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