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Tally Prime edit Log Rel 4.0


Note: Choose Tally Edit Log (rel 4.0) to be permanently activated as per India’s MCA compliance and for internal control.

Steps to update a Tally Release

To update an application:

1. Double-click setup.exe.

2. Select the to be updated and press Enter.

3.The TallyPrime Setup Manager screen appears as show below:

Updating an older TallyPrime application to the latest release:

Steps to update tally prime 4 1.png

Updating an older TallyPrime application to TallyPrime Edit Log:

Steps to update tally prime 4 2.png

When you upgrade a TallyPrime release to a TallyPrime Edit Log release, the settings and persistent configurations such as views saved for reports get carried forward.

In all the cases, the application path of the new application you are installing remains the same as that of the older application. You can configure, if needed.

Press C (Configure) to configure Application Path and other settings, if needed.

Press I (Update).

If your tally license is about to expire, then you need to renew it now to continue using tally to its full potential and to experience seamless financial management.

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