If you use Tally, you have at some point of time or the other gotten custom development done to meet your business’ very specific requirements. You’ve also probably experienced a disparate, disorganised ecosystem of partners providing you varying levels of service and varying levels of quality when it comes to delivering these custom modules or add-ons to you.

We at Mark IT recognise this pain point and have been working hard to provide a solution that is standardised, transparent and cost-effective for all of our customers. Our solution, which we’ve come up with after months of customer feedback and internal brainstorming is called PowerPacks.

A PowerPack is an affordable, transparent & powerful subscription-based module built on top of the Tally platform. It adds value to your business by simplifying key, daily activities that you may currently be doing manually.

Most individuals and businesses today are comfortable with a subscription model and understand the value it provides. You pay Netflix a fixed amount every month because you see value in Netflix constantly adding new content to their library. You pay for Amazon Prime to ensure quick, trustworthy delivery. You even pay an annual subscription fee for Tally to stay abreast of all compliance and technological updates that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

With PowerPacks, we extend this further. We charge you only INR 999 per year. For this low price, you get unlimited upgrades as long as you renew your subscription every year. We will never charge you extra for any bug fixes, release updates etc. EVER!

Most businesses today need things like Digital Signatures, Auto-Backups, & Document Management Systems to further streamline their business. Currently, most vendors sell these enhancements for arbitrary and exorbitant amounts which can stretch into thousands of rupees. Even with those amounts, there are no guaranteed enhancements or updates that you receive when you purchase these add-ons. You almost always need an individual from your vendor to come and setup these modules for you. Furthermore, whenever there is a release update in Tally, you will be forced to shell out more money to update your module.

Mark IT wants to change all of that. Our customers to have access to these modules at a transparent and affordable cost. These PowerPacks are meant to be self-serve i.e. buy on your own, download and follow the easy instructions in your user manual to setup and start using your PowerPack!

Benefits of Mark IT’s PowerPacks vs Other Vendor offerings

Benefits MarkIT Other Vendors
Price INR 999/yr (including GST!) INR 10000 – 25000 + GST
Feature Updates FREE INR 5000 – 15000 + GST
Support for new Tally releases FREE PAID
Payment Methods Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT, PayTM, Google Pay and many more Cheque/Cash
Money Back Guarantee 7 days – No Questions Asked Refund No Refunds

As a customer, you deserve transparent and affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of the product you are purchasing. Mark IT aims to provide that to you.

To start off, we have 8 great PowerPacks that you can utilise right off the bat. You can purchase them RIGHT NOW on our online store using your preferred method of payment.

We look forward to our customers using these PowerPacks and providing us real, honest feedback on how we can improve your experience and the PowerPacks themselves. We are sure you still have some more questions about what these PowerPacks are and how they work. So we’ve put together a few FAQs that you refer to. Check them out below and don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] if you have any more questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to pay monthly or annually?

Good Question! Our team is continually improving these PowerPacks. By adopting a subscription model, it allows our team to invest time to continually improve our PowerPacks. In addition, when the Tally platform is upgraded, your PowerPack will always work.* Current offerings in the market sell you a ‘perpetual’ file but then charge you exorbitant upgrade fees when a new version comes out. We eliminate all of that and charge you a low fee. Think of it as sacrificing a couple of cups of Starbucks coffees per year! Surely you can sacrifice 2 cups of coffee for improved productivity at work, right? 🙂

What if I want to cancel? Can I get a refund?

No problem! We understand that our customers’ needs evolve over time and you may not need a certain PowerPack after a certain period of time. If you cancel within 7 days of purchasing the PowerPack, we will refund your money within 3 business days – No Questions Asked! If you’ve purchased an annual license, you can simply cancel your subscription and your license copy will lapse after your subscription period ends. No surprise charges. EVER!

Do you offer discounts?

If you purchase a PowerPack for the whole year, you can get it for only INR 999/year! That is a 15% discount or almost 2 months free 🙂 Happy now?

What if I need support?

We’ve designed our PowerPacks to be self-serve and easy to install and use. We also provide you with a user manual and feature list with screenshots to get you started. But if you still have questions, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help you out!

I don’t see a PowerPack that I want listed here. Are you planning on adding more?

Absolutely! We will continue to build out PowerPacks that serve our customers at an absolutely affordable price. We’ll drop all our customers a note when a new PowerPack is available. Meanwhile, if you need something very unique to your business, we have a top-notch dev team that is eager to solve complex problems for businesses like yours. Send us an email on [email protected] and we’ll get back to you pronto!

Other vendors are offering the same PowerPack for a flat rate? Why should I pay you monthly or annually?

Good question again! Other vendors may offer you a PowerPack (add-on/module) for a flat one time fee. But what they don’t tell you is that anytime there is a release upgrade or newer version of Tally, the PowerPack will stop working. To get it to work again, you will need to pay the vendor more money. This cycle is never-ending! In addition, other vendors may not update their PowerPacks with additional features. If they do, they may charge you extra for the same. With Mark IT, your PowerPack will always work even if there is a release update. The subscription model also allows us to continually enhance our PowerPacks and pass on the benefits to our customers at no extra cost.

What payment types are available to me?

You can choose between a multitude of payment options – from Credit Cards, Debit Cards, NEFT to any of the most popular wallets like PayTM or Google Pay. We want to make it as convenient as possible for our customers and are always looking to add more payment methods as soon as we can.

What if I want to buy multiple PowerPacks at the same time?

We’re glad you want to! Simply add multiple PowerPacks to your cart and buy! In addition, if you wish to purchase additional PowerPacks for additional serial numbers, simply change the quantity to the appropriate number of serial numbers and you are set. Feel free to add any comments in the Notes section if there is something you need to tell us regarding your order. Trust us, we read every customer’s emails!

Can I use a PowerPack on multiple serial numbers?

A PowerPack is compiled and attached to a single serial number. If you’d like to setup the PowerPack for multiple serial numbers, simply purchase additional PowerPacks for each of your serial numbers.