Every business needs something different

We at Mark IT understand no business works identical as another one – be at a small scale or a MNC. So much so, every business has a varied requirement for the application of tally in their day-to-day operations.

To cater to such requirements from varied businesses in India, we at Mark IT, have a dedicated research desk which strives to fulfil the needs of various businesses using Tally. We provide customized solutions built specifically for your industry that seamlessly integrate with Tally.ERP 9 to fulfil your needs. Be it a customized report as per the users’ requirements or capturing additional information in master’s or Vouchers, we can help you program your Tally to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to a library of readymade industry specific solutions, we have a team of solution experts that can help develop a customized solution built specifically for your business. Call or email us now to know more.

Over time, our clients required various customized modules /services for their specific businesses. We have a number of modules which you can implement at your office. Following is a cursory list.

The platform where products are featured and customers can log in, manage, learn and use the software.

Aids in maintenance of day-to-day school operations along with financial accounting & payroll management.

This add on helps to keep the co-op housing society’s details such as identification, registration, billing & maintenance, all in one place.

Find comprehensive solutions for Custom House Agents, Shipping & Cargo Agents


This add on comes with alerts management, flexible architecture and intuitive interface for retail businesses.

(Maker/Checker functionality) Allows for entries to be checked and approved before posting in Tally.ERP 9

Allows creation of users and levels of security to restrict users at the ledger level

Allows the user to restrict fresh invoicing to a customer based on his overdue bill status

Restricts the user to enter sales invoices only for those items which are in Stock

Allows the user to specify a discount % applicable for a group of stock Items for each party

Multi State GST Solution – Tax Unit Config & GST Returns


Allows printing of addresses from Tally Masters onto envelopes for mailing

Avoid typing of narrations more than once by creating a standard list of narrations for use during data entry

Create list of standard description(s) for stock Items to avoid typing more than once during data entry

Safeguard your data against power outages, data corruptions, or accidental deletions


Eliminate paper & move into the digital age by e-signing all your documents


Organize and archive all your important files


Duplicate a standard narration, save precious hours and improve efficiency


Regularly monitor your company’s progress towards important goals and quotas


Ensure all data entries in the company’s system are checked & verified before they’re reflected in records


Helps keeping track of when & where specific files have been used and/or opened along with who have had access to them


Access your company’s important contacts with ease