How to File GST TRAN-1: Part 4

In our previous blog How to File Form GST TRAN-1: Part 3, we discussed about the applicability of Table 7 of Form GST TRAN-1 and specifically discussed on how to capture the details in table 7(A) of Form GST TRAN-1. In this blog we will discuss: When 7(b) Form GST TRAN-1 is applicable? How to file Form GST TRAN-1 7(b) ? When is 7(b) Form GST TRAN-1 applicable? The table 7(b) of Form GST TRAN-1 is applicable only to those businesses where duties and taxes on input or input services have been paid by the vendor in earlier regime. But those goods or services are received on or after implementation of GST, that is, after 1st July, 2017. Basically, this […]