Did you know that in Tally.ERP 9 you can use the Cash Flow Projection statement to forecast your company’s cash situation and decide its future investment and expenditures?

It is a well-known fact that having a Cash Flow Projection statement is one of the crucial keys for a business to be successful. A Cash Flow Projection statement enables a business to make better financial decisions as it provides information about the anticipated cash flowing in and out of the business.

While the system already provides complete information on the receivables and payables for an organization through various reports, this is one statement where all necessary information is provided through one screen. Not only this, but it also includes the Current Balance information so you can take faster decisions and increase business efficiency.

Hence the Cash Flow Projection statement makes managing the financial health of the business easier for the company. The projections are determined based on the last date of transaction till the projection period selected by users.

With Tally’s accounting prowess, you can accurately plan purchases, manage working capital and thus improve cash flow for your organisation. It allows you to keep a check on expenditures, handle exceptions in business processes and manage your financials in a better fashion.

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