TallyPrime is one of the recognised ISO-certified GSP (GST Suvidha Provider). It directly integrates with the IRP portal and seamlessly generates e-invoices. The process is so simple that you would be able to generate e-invoicing instantly.

Tally e-invoice integration with QR code is a completely new experience for many, and it may take some time to get used to it. There might also be some challenges to comply with the norms of e-invoicing. However, the QR code in Tally invoice makes this process flexible and convenient for you.

QR code in Tally invoice helps you adapt to your needs completely. With e-Invoice Tally integration, you can generate e-Invoice either during voucher entry for a transaction, or you could do the same in bulk for multiple invoices altogether.

Even if your invoice gets rejected by the IRP, when you use Tally integration, you get notified of the reasons so you can make the necessary changes and avoid the mistake again.

Sometimes it might happen that the system you use to generate the e-invoice might get disconnected from the Internet. In such cases, using Tally integration will help you handle this situation by exporting the e-invoice related data in the form of a JSON file. This can be uploaded to the IRP system, so you can proceed from where you left off.

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A] How does E-Invoice Tally Integration with QR Code Benefit you?

1. Quick Payment: In business, getting paid on time is critical and helps you recover your dues quickly. With QR codes, there is an increased cash flow mainly because of the ease it renders to customers making payments. The customer can easily scan the QR code and make the payment. This provides convenience to the business and the customer.

2. Statutory compliance: The government has made QR codes mandatory for certain businesses because of the simple reason of convenience that it renders to both; customers as well as businesses. So, why wait when you can automate this with the TallyPrime QR code feature?

3. Fast data reading: QR codes can be used to encode a large amount of data, thus saving cost on paper & storage. It also helps keep the data private, as only the users scanning the QR code can read the information encoded in the QR code. When used with digital signature, a QR code makes the invoice more secure and reduces the risk of online fraud. Plus, it can be quickly read and fed into the system through a scan.

4. Mobile friendly technology: Most smartphones today have the inbuilt capacity to scan as well as read QR codes. Hence QR codes have improved mobile to PC integration, a common example of which is the WhatsApp web, the same technology that helps bill integration on devices with a simple scan.

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B. What is e-invoicing?

E-Invoice is the process of uploading every B2B transaction – be it credit and debit notes or sales – on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for authentication or registration purposes. On authentication, the IRP will issue a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) for each invoice. This IRN can be converted into a QR code along with other invoice information. Later, the QR code can be printed on the invoice to be considered valid.

Steps to generate e-invoice in TallyPrime

This is the step-by-step e-invoice generation process in TallyPrime:

  • Prepare the sales voucher in Tally
  • Select invoice for E-Invoice; both IRN and QR code generation
  • Now print the E-Invoice PDF with QR code from Tally directly

With QR code e-invoices, you can always remain in control of the e-invoicing process. It also provides useful alerts regarding the same. TallyPrime makes alerts available in multiple user scenarios to prevent redundancy and ensure that the latest data is shared with the e-invoice portal. Additionally, alerts will also help safeguard against accidental modifications and cancellations of IRN generated for a particular transaction.

C] How to generate e-invoice instantly in TallyPrim?

  • Begin with enabling e-invoicing applicable to ‘Yes’.
  • Change the E-way bill to ‘Yes’, if applicable
  • Record a voucher entry like you generally do in Tally with all the relevant information.
  • As soon as you accept the screen, you will be intimated with a message asking if you want to generate an E-invoice.
  • The moment you select ‘Yes’, TallyPrime will exchange all the relevant data with the IRP system. Soon all the transaction details will be updated on the IRP system

D] How to generate e-invoices in bulk?

In order to generate e-invoices in bulk in TallyPrime:

  • On any screen, press Alt + Z. You can also click on the ‘Exchange’ option available in the top menu. Now, select ‘Send for e-invoicing’.
  • On selecting ‘send for e-invoicing’, all invoices that are pending for e-invoice generation will be shown on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Send’ to generatean e-invoice for all the pending bills. Or you can select the one that you want to upload.
  • Tally will show you the count of invoices that will be sent for e-invoice generation.Now, press ‘Y’ to confirm.
  • Tally will generate the e-invoices and update the IRN and QR code details in the transactions.
  • You can now print or mail these e-invoices with IRN and QR code.


Bulk e-invoice generation in Tally and QR code integration renders multiple benefits like generating these e-invoices in a single click. Moreover, these support invoices, credit/debit notes and e-way bills. It makes it convenient for one to SMS or email the invoice URL to customers as well as print the same with a QR code directly from TallyPrime.