Did you know that you can now access business information from anywhere by SMS?

In this information age, when time has become even more precious than money, timely access to business information can change the way one does business. Now, Tally provides a solution with which you can access information from your Tally.ERP 9 system anytime, from anywhere, simply by using an SMS-based service named ‘PULL SMS’. The service is available for the Tally.ERP 9 Series A release 2.0 or later, as part of Tally.NET services portfolio.

How it works
To get started with this service, first register the mobile number(s) that you will be using to access information. Only those who are authorised by the system administrator to access information can do so using the Tally system. Then, you need to enter your query or requirements and send it to 556679.

To access information, you need not type any key word or follow any syntax; just type free text, quite akin to writing in your ‘natural language’. For example, in case you type in ‘Sales for Today’, the software will return–the sales figure for that day. After this, if you type, ‘Yesterday’, the context of the previous SMS is retained and the sales figure for the previous day is shown. Now, the previous request can be overridden by sending another query via new key words, such as ‘Purchase today’ and figures corresponding to this query will be received.

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